Tiny Moments

How to Meditate

This month in Lilla Rogers Bootcamp, the assignment was to create an editorial illustration for an article about meditation. Whether sitting quietly and focusing on my breath, practicing yoga, or getting lost in my creative flow as I work, I enjoy meditation–so this assignment was right up my alley. If you want to see more of the work submitted, Lilla’s May gallery is now live (my illustration is on page 5).


Yesterday, I worked in the morning and then spent the afternoon with my little ones. While we were eating dinner, I asked Hazel what her favorite part of the day was. She said, “Taking a walk with you mama.” Then she asked me about my favorite part.

While out on our walk, she found this big, beautiful feather. “…it’s magical Mama, now we can fly!!” So we flew. And Thatcher, who was strapped to my chest in his baby Bjorn, just giggled as we swooped back and forth along the sidewalk, our arms open wide. That was my favorite part.

These tiny moments, these snippets, they carry me through. Through the days when I feel like I am drowning because there isn’t ever enough time or money. Through the long nights, tear filled because of new teeth or bad dreams. Through the weight of my own angst, as I try to find balance between being a mom and being an artist.

These tiny, perfect moments–they make it all worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Moments

  1. I can relate to this Kelly…it’s so true and you’ve put it in words better than I could. And these tiny moments truly are what life makes worth living, cos everything else might dissapear but we’ll always have these moments treasured! You’re such an amazing person Kelly!

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