Blessedly Full


From my sketchbook


With deadlines looming, it’s been a crazy week. A sick kid means sleepless nights (again because of the three year old, not the baby). And the tiny one has decided napping for longer than half an hour at a time isn’t his style anymore. So I’m gonna make this short and sweet.

I’m doing some work for Johnny Bregar, a kids’ musician whose sound has been described as “…rootsy Americana with a hint of bluegrass.” It’s music that I enjoy listening to as much as my three year old does.

If you have little ones in the house, definitely check him out. Johnny lives in the greater Seattle area and his next gig is this Memorial Day (May 26th) at the FolklifeĀ festival at 11:45am. If that’s your neck of the woods, take the whole family!

I did the artwork for Johnny’s album Dragonfly a few years ago, and Johnny has commissioned me to to do several illustrations for his new website. So I’m listening to Polly’s Rain Dance and Shoo Fly Pie while I sketch.

I have a couple other client projects that I am wrapping up, and I’m working on an editorial piece for Lilla Rogers Bootcamp as well. Though weary and wishing I could hook myself up to a caffeine drip, life is blessedly full and I am grateful.




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