They’re Almost Here!

This blog has been quiet for the past couple of months. Not for lack of activity on my end by any means, but with two littles (2 and 5 years old) filling up my house, how I spend my time has become very important. I need to work–it feeds my soul. But time spent with my kids is something I’ll never be able to get back. So….priorities.

I’m beyond thrilled (and equally jittery) to tell you what HAS been happening behind the scenes though.


These boxes arrived this week at my house.

In just a couple of weeks, I’m officially launching my own line of soulful paper goods (greeting cards, notecards, thank you notes, and prints). This is a long time dream and I’m really (really) excited to share everything with you.

My official launch will be at the Brave Girls Symposium (in Boise, ID), where I will be sharing a vendor table with the inspiring and amazingly talented Christine Mason Miller (pinch me, she’s one of my art heroes!!!).  Let me know if you’ll be there–I’d love to say hello 🙂 And if you don’t know what the Brave Girls Club is, check it out. They are making the world a better place, especially for women who “…want to live the best, happiest, most productive and fabulously brave life they can possibly live…”

I’ll be getting ready for that event this week (look at what my basement has turned into!). As you can see, I’m diving in head first, rather than dipping my pinkie toe in to test the waters. I’ll let you know how it all works out. Eek.


My shop will be officially open as soon as I return from Boise, the week of July 10th. Yahoo! Much more to come, including a giveaway or two on Instagram 🙂 So please follow along.


I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


This past month in Bootcamp, the assignment was to create wall art on a piece of wood (think antique plates). We were also encouraged to work traditionally, especially if that isn’t our typical approach.

There is a painter that lives in me, I’m sure of it. What began as a whisper has been getting louder, encouraging me to pick up a paintbrush. There are so many reasons why painting, at this point, doesn’t make any sense…

I don’t have a space where I can get messy. I don’t have anywhere to store canvases. Buying all the required supplies is expensive. Editing is more difficult–you can’t hit ‘undo.’I have no idea what I’m doingI don’t even really know where to start.

And yet…there is this voice urging me to get my hands dirty. To mix colors by brush rather than onscreen.

For this assignment, I bought several pieces of balsa wood–six of them so that none would be too precious. I painted them brightly, then added white and gray until they had this lovely distressed look.

I created a design that I wanted to paint, and with graphite paper, transferred my sketch onto my canvas and went to work.

In my neuroses, I ended up creating both a digital and painted version, and…I don’t love either.

The teapot image above is what I ended up submitting to the Bootcamp public gallery (which is now live, check it out if you are so inclined–my submission is on page 2). I’m happy with how it turned out, but it feels like a bit of a cop-out. Created digitally, there is nothing about it that pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

The image below is the digital version of my first idea, followed by the (as yet, unfinished) painted version.



As is so often my approach (in more than just my art, ahem), I tried to control everything. Leaving little room for artistic play, I missed the whole point of painting.

So I will try again–sometime soon.

In the meantime, the amazing Christine Mason Miller has invited me to be a contributor in her upcoming e-course, The Conscious Booksmith.

The ConsciousBooksmith

“This thoughtfully created course is a guide for aspiring authors and book-makers. It is filled with tools and inspiration designed to support the creation of a comprehensive book plan reflective of your values, priorities and ideals.”

If this resonates in your heart, class starts March 9. Come join us!!



Back At It

Brandywine Crab AppleTree

The blooms above are from my parents’ Brandywine Crab Apple tree. Aren’t they amazing? I really do love this time of year. Hope. Possibility. Rebirth. And flowers!


Albeit crazy and ever-changing we have found a rhythm, my little family of four. Thatcher is four and a half months old. Hazel just celebrated her third birthday. I don’t think it’s possible to understand how full life will be with children until you have them.

Blessedly, chaotically, magically, maddeningly full.

There are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. The dust bunnies in particular are experiencing unprecedented gains (if you happen to pop by for a visit, please don’t look too close). And I have yet to figure out how to cook anything for dinner that takes longer than 15 minutes to prepare…

And yet here I am, trying to do more. As we settle into our new normal, I am slowly getting back to work. I have taken on some client projects and am actively submitting my work in the hopes of drumming up some new licensing deals. I have given my little blog a (small) facelift, and I have updated my online store. Check it out!

Please note that stretched canvas prints are also available. Contact me for pricing and information if interested!

To celebrate getting back into my professional groove, I am having a sale. Use the Promo Code: BackToWork for 20% off your next order (offer good through this Sunday, May 4)!!! Here are a couple of the prints I added:

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Enjoy The Ride

Some other amazing things that are in the works:

The ever-inspiring Christine Mason Miller is offering a new e-course: The Conscious Booksmith: A Mindful Approach to Creating Your Book.

“Do you have a book in your heart that just needs to be written and brought to life? Then this is the course for you.”

And Liz Kalloch, with Stefanie Renee, is creating an exciting new print magazine entitled Mabel–Making a Living, Creating a Life. From their website:

“Mabel is a print magazine that is here to tell real stories about making a living and creating a life.  At Mabel, we’ll be talking about the different ways we support ourselves in the world—stories from entrepreneurs, artists and small biz owners about how they’ve gotten where they are—it’s not always pretty, it’s not always tidy, but it’s always beautifully real . . .  please join us!”

Lovely, exciting, and inspiring. I love to see artists spread their wings and fly.



Daring Acts

Notes from the Rocket

The image above is from an artist and writer that I met a few years ago. I’m a big fan and am continually inspired by her approach to life. Christine Mason Miller has an old Rocket typewriter, and on her Facebook page, she regularly shares “Notes from the Rocket.” These little juicy nuggets are always right on target.


Stop and take a look around. Really soak up everything around you.

Breathe in this perfect moment. See the sky like you are looking at it for the very first time. That tree. The singsong birds twittering overhead.

It it unbelievable how beautiful and amazing this world is when we are really paying attention.

I have always had emotions that are too big. Too sad. Too happy. Too emotional. Too much. Tears well up at drop of a hat (though only those very close to me know that). Though I have come a long way, it can still be a struggle for me to allow space for these emotions to exist.

For some, tears are a sign of weakness. For me, they are a release. A way to process intense feelings. And for years, I swallowed them down pretending they weren’t there, developing an eating disorder in an effort to appear easy going.

Though my eating issues are behind me, I am still learning. Still reminding myself to stop and listen. To allow. And then, and only then, to react.

This acceptance, this daring act of self love is the only way to know our true power, to become all that we can be.

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.”

– Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

On another note, last week I mentioned that I am having an art show! Check out the details below. If you are in the Denver area this fall, I would sure love to see you.

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