A Source of Inspiration

Black Bird with Numbers by Mary Lue Kellgren

I come from a long line of creative women. The image above is a mixed media piece created by my very talented Aunt Mary Lue. To see more of her work or to purchase this piece, check out her Etsy shop.


As a creative professional (and highly visual person), there are a host of amazing resources out there to inspire and educate. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites from all over the world wide web:

1. Illustration Age, featuring “…new, inspiring, and sometimes groundbreaking artwork from professional Illustrators all over the world.”

2. Illustration Friday is a super sweet weekly drawing challenge, open to all.

3. Illustration Mundo – Find an illustrator, get current information about the commercial illustration industry, and be a part of the illustration community.

4. HowDesign – Great resource for designers and illustrators alike. Find inspiration and brush up on your business skills.

5. Design Observer featuring “…news and critical essays on design, urbanism, social innovation and popular culture.”

6. Uppercase for the creative and curious. Primarily a magazine and book publisher, the Uppercase blog is full of visual fodder to inspire and delight.

7. DesignSponge – Your home for all things design, this blog covers all things DIY, food, art, business and more.

8. Pikaland, an art and illustration blog offering a collection of beautiful things and inspirations for creatives everywhere.

9. GrainEdit, a modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource.

10. I Love Typography, a blog about you guessed it, fonts, typeface and all things typographical.

Check ’em out. What are some of your favorite sources of online inspiration? I’d love to hear from you!


A Spectacular Ride

Quiet Time

This image was created for Illustration Friday. I’m running a little behind (they are already on to a new topic), but the word this past week was ‘Whisper’.



What does it mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

We’re dreaming big here- let’s really shoot for the stars. Even if you can’t yet see how it’s going to unfold, what do you want to do that’s going to light your soul on fire?

The universe is abundant. Always expanding. Always moving forward. And you are at the helm.

Jump. With both feet.

If you can get out of your own way, the ride will be spectacular.

Good News!

Under the Sea

The topic over at Illustration Friday this week is ocean. This jolly creature of the sea wriggled right out of my head, ready to greet the world. What do you think?

And the good news? Yesterday, I signed the paperwork. It’s official…

I have an agent!

The esteemed Deborah Wolfe, with Deborah Wolfe, Ltd will be representing my illustration career from this point forward.

I am so excited about this.

Deborah got in touch with me after receiving my promotional holiday mailer- you can see the email version here if you missed it the first time around.

Can’t wait to see what this next chapter will bring. What a way to start off the new year.





The topic over at Illustration Friday this week is Whiskers.

An online retailer called Oopsy Daisy is interested in licensing my Giraffe and my Elephant (which you can see here), but they want a more complete set and have asked for two additional jungle animals plus some other specific pieces for decorating a nursery or a kid’s bedroom. I was working on this anyway– how lovely that it also fits in with the Whiskers theme.

I can’t decide which colors are better though? The Giraffe and the Elephant are on an orange background, but I thought it might be fun to do the other two animals on a different color. What do you think?

I also got my holiday postcards back from the printer! To market myself and my artwork, I am sending postcards to a long list of agents and art directors that work with children’s books. I took a chance on a cheap online printer (as a graphic designer, I know better) and they did an okay job. I don’t think I will use them again, but the cards will work this time around. Pictures coming soon!




Zoom! A zebra on roller skates.

The above image is for Illustration Friday, a blog offering a new topic each week for illustrators to run with. This week, the topic is Zoom!

With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I have so much to be grateful for. As I mentioned here, my mom had her annual jewelry show this past weekend. I framed some of my prints to see if they would sell. She had a fantastic turnout- and I sold over half of my prints. I also handed out my card to several people interested in purchasing something at a later date.

For me, putting your artwork out into the world still feels a little like finding yourself unexpectedly naked onstage. Lacking exhibitionist tendencies, I find it incredibly uncomfortable. Over and over, I have to remind myself to stay with the discomfort- because my instinct is to flee. I have employed a handful of self-numbing techniques in the past, including but not limited to binge eating, binge drinking, binge excercising (do you notice a pattern here). The problem with running from my discomfort, my pain, is that I also miss out on my joy. I miss out on life.

I have so much to be grateful for. For right now, I am thankful that I made it through my first sale/show relatively unscathed (self inflicted wounds excepted), and I sold some work!

What are you grateful for?