Squeezing in 15 minutes here and there, having a creative outlet (no matter how small) is keeping me sane and at least semi-balanced as we adapt to being a family of four. In my stolen moments, this is what I have been working on. Created as part of Lilla Roger’s Assignment Bootcamp (which is keeping me in the game for now), the assignment was to create a cell phone case for the gift market with a cuckoo clock theme.

Here are some of my initial sketches.

Cuckoo4 Cuckoo1 Cuckoo3 Cuckoo2

Then from pencil sketch to digital design, color, and layout.


To the final image.


Now back to loving on that beautiful new baby of ours.



4 thoughts on “Cuckoo!

  1. Now THIS will be the reason I actually get an iphone! Very lovely. I really appreciate you posting your sketch process. I love seeing how an illustration evolves. Also, that’s awesome that you squeeze in moments of creativity, even though it’s only 15 minutes a day. I need to try to do that, since I have been very busy lately, and I just abandon drawing altogether some days. Thanks for motivating me!

    • Thanks October Moon! I always enjoy seeing an artist’s process and it’s fun to share. I have times when I’m not drawing at all too. It’s the ebb and flow of a creative life. Thanks for reading!

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