The Most Important Job

DPAC Art Show 2

DPAc Art Show 3

DPAC Art Show 1

DPAC Art Show 4

The images above are from my art show last month. Thanks again to everyone who came out!


Though my due date is still a few weeks away, Baby #2 could make his debut any time over the next several weeks.

We have been very busy getting ready. Washing tiny clothes. Setting up the new nursery (pics to come soon!). Talking with my daughter about being a big sister and trying to help her understand (I don’t even think we really understand) what’s going to happen.

Her world is about to be rocked–I am open to suggestions on how to soften the blow.

My belly is HUGE. A thing of wonder, it defies gravity. Some women love to be pregnant. I am not one of them and I am almost to the point where cutting this baby out of my belly with a butter knife myself sounds like a rational idea.


Professionally, I am winding down. I have one last project that I am trying to wrap up (I hope to show details soon!). Organizing and streamlining so that I can put things on hold for the next few months. I don’t know how much posting I will be able to do. Forgive me if I drop off the face of the planet–know that I will be back when I can.

Being a mom is the most important job that I have. We are so excited to meet the newest member of our family. Stay tuned…he could be here any day.


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