I’m a Semi-Finalist!


With shaky hands and a racing heart, I checked Lilla’s blog this first thing this morning. The list of semi-finalists for Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search was up.

Again and again I counseled myself– the outcome doesn’t matter, I am proud of the piece that I submitted, there were 1500 entries, and the the level of talent was (is?) incredibly fierce.

What really matters is that I put my fears and insecurities aside and gave it my all.

And then I saw it. My name and my submission, second from the top of the list. Check it out.

Global Talent Search Semi-Finalist

Of all of those incredible journal cover entries, mine was one of the top 50! I can still barely breath, and I’m pretty sure my feet haven’t touched the ground yet today.

This past week has included some disappointments–I am having an issue with one of my eyes, and yesterday, a line of wall art that I have been working on for Oopsy Daisy was rejected, including my lobster above.

So for today, I am going to celebrate and enjoy this moment.



9 thoughts on “I’m a Semi-Finalist!

  1. Hi Kelly! I so love your journal cover, is sooo beautiful! sorry to hear you are having problems with your eye, I hope gets better and that you have lots of luck for the second assignment.
    So honored to be part of the list with you!
    Lots of love and have fun designing.

    • Thanks for your sweet words Rosie. Your piece was fabulous- love your girl on the swing!! I am humbled as well to be on the short list, and wish you the best of luck in round two! XO

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