A Source of Inspiration

Black Bird with Numbers by Mary Lue Kellgren

I come from a long line of creative women. The image above is a mixed media piece created by my very talented Aunt Mary Lue. To see more of her work or to purchase this piece, check out her Etsy shop.


As a creative professional (and highly visual person), there are a host of amazing resources out there to inspire and educate. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites from all over the world wide web:

1. Illustration Age, featuring “…new, inspiring, and sometimes groundbreaking artwork from professional Illustrators all over the world.”

2. Illustration Friday is a super sweet weekly drawing challenge, open to all.

3. Illustration Mundo – Find an illustrator, get current information about the commercial illustration industry, and be a part of the illustration community.

4. HowDesign – Great resource for designers and illustrators alike. Find inspiration and brush up on your business skills.

5. Design Observer featuring “…news and critical essays on design, urbanism, social innovation and popular culture.”

6. Uppercase for the creative and curious. Primarily a magazine and book publisher, the Uppercase blog is full of visual fodder to inspire and delight.

7. DesignSponge – Your home for all things design, this blog covers all things DIY, food, art, business and more.

8. Pikaland, an art and illustration blog offering a collection of beautiful things and inspirations for creatives everywhere.

9. GrainEdit, a modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource.

10. I Love Typography, a blog about you guessed it, fonts, typeface and all things typographical.

Check ’em out. What are some of your favorite sources of online inspiration? I’d love to hear from you!


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