Inspiring Women

CoverArt for Issue 17 Uppercase

Last night, I met Janine Vangool, editor of Uppercase magazine (an amazing publication that I posted about a couple of weeks ago). Today, she featured my work on the Uppercase blog.

Wow. Humbled and bursting with gratitude. Check it out.

Janine is in town this week to teach a class at the Makerie. Located at Chatauqua Park, The Makerie is “…a creative retreat for everyone. A weekend to play, a place to find quiet, a space to learn, a cozy cottage, a setting to be inspired, and place just to be.”

I haven’t had a chance to take a class there yet, but doesn’t it sound fabulous?

I also met Molly Hatch, who is teaching up at the Makerie this weekend as well. Hailing from Massachusetts, Molly is a surface designer, potter, painter, illustrator and more. She is also going to be featured in Uppercase’s Work/Life 3 directory. Her work is charming and it was truly a pleasure to meet her.

Art by Molly Hatch

Both of these talented women were at an event that was hosted for the Makerie by Anthropologie. As the mother of a two year old, very rarely do I get to walk into a beautiful store, much less take my time wandering around and enjoying the visual bounty that can be found at Anthropologie.

Slowly meandering amid all the beautiful things would have been enough for me. But I also got to chat with two incredibly inspiring female artists (both mothers) who are following their dreams and making it happen. It was a good night.




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