A Spectacular Ride

Quiet Time

This image was created for Illustration Friday. I’m running a little behind (they are already on to a new topic), but the word this past week was ‘Whisper’.



What does it mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like?

We’re dreaming big here- let’s really shoot for the stars. Even if you can’t yet see how it’s going to unfold, what do you want to do that’s going to light your soul on fire?

The universe is abundant. Always expanding. Always moving forward. And you are at the helm.

Jump. With both feet.

If you can get out of your own way, the ride will be spectacular.


7 thoughts on “A Spectacular Ride

    • Hi Pennyloves,

      Thank you so much for taking a look and for your kind words! My illustrations are all digital. I do rough sketches with pencil and paper, then more detailed drawings in Illustrator, and then I paint, texturize, layer and shade in Photoshop.

      • So you actually do all those background textures?! No way! *in awe* I thought it was some kind of collage at first! I am completely awestruck. You’re such an inspiration! I hope to one day learn how to do digital art. (It’s completely foreign to me right now. 🙂 )

      • You are making me blush- thank you so much for your sweet words. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! The background textures are a mix of digital collage and digital painting. The final file probably has more than 50 different photoshop layers- so it’s a process. But one that I love! Best of luck to you pennyloves and thanks again. You made my day.

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