Holiday Illustration for Kelly Angelovic Illustration + Design

This is the last time this century that the day, the month, and the year will all be the same. Wow.

Seems like an opportune time to send out some holiday cheer! I dropped about 150 cards in the mail this morning, and sent about 50 emails (see image above) to a lengthy list of friends, family, agents, editors, graphic designers, and anyone else I could reasonably include. Last night as my husband and I affixed stamps and address labels, I was surprised by the level of anxiety this small marketing project has induced. Chasing your dreams is not for the faint of heart.

I am thrilled to have them out of my hands and into the world. Happy Holidays!


5 thoughts on “12/12/12

  1. Your designing has such a strong sense of self–knows exactly what it is–but manages within its consistency to surprise and delight. I’m so glad you sent this out into the world. I’m inspired.

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